#50lbsin50 Week 9 Challenge

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Welcome to week 9!

Last weeks challenge was about getting back to basics and for many of us it was a success. However a few of us have been struggling still and the weight loss train is coming back round to pick us all up again. So lets hop on board and do this. Its not too late to make a difference in time for Christmas. If you need some help then don't be ashamed to ask for it, just use #50lbsin50 and someone will be there. As someone reminded me this week its what the challenge is all about.

The challenges have been about making changes and things that can help us with our journeys and this weeks challenge is not exception.


Sleep is an important for our bodies to process what we have eaten for the day and recover from the days activities. For some the issue is getting to sleep and for others its waking up a lot during the night. I often find its both.

There are many apps for help with getting to sleep and with monitoring your sleep and how often you get up. I have a fitbit and many other devices do the same, or you can get apps for your phone. But a few basic things that can help are:

- reduce caffeine after 3-4pm. Your body needs 6 hours to process caffeine before you go to bed or will still feel the effects.

- Make sure your room is dark enough. Even the slightest bit of light from an alarm clock or LED standby light can effect your bodies ability to get to sleep or stay asleep.

- Stop eating 2 hours before bed. This allows your body to process food correctly and its bad for your stomach to go to bed with a full stomach.

There are lots of other techniques as well which can be found online. What do you find works for you? Do you use any apps or particular techniques?

self-sabotage: why do we do it?

Thursday, 22 October 2015

If your anything like me then as soon as things seem to be going right and you have it all straight in your head you go and do something to fuck it up again. Excuse my language but I felt it was important to emphasise exactly what it is I've been doing.

I did it when I lost 4st before (in 2012) and got to my lowest weight, I then stayed within 5 same lbs for about 6 months and now suddenly gained it all back and 8.5lbs more on top to get me to my heaviest last September.

Since then for me its been such a slow journey, very much two steps forward and then one step back, but it always seems the step back is much bigger than my steps forward. It took me from mid-end September last year to Feb to lose the first stone and get into next bracket. But since then its been up down, up down, up down and I've only lost another 6lbs.

I really need to do something, to stop seeing myself doing well and then sabotaging myself, I start the day off well, on track, and then by the evening comes I seem to mess it all up again.

It’s my sweet tooth that's doing it for me. I want all the bad things, sweets, chocolate and biscuits. It doesn't help that I live with others who can have these things and offer me some, but its my decision whether to say yes or no or even lately sneaking some. I always feel guilty after doing this. I seem to just eat it without really thinking about it or saying oh sod it.

What are your top tips for avoiding this? how can you stop yourself sabotaging yourself? why do we treat ourselves so badly?

I keep saying a new day, fresh start, get back on track and it just doesn't seem to be happening. Until yesterday. The key was keeping myself busy, I had an away day with work and I made my packed lunch and snacks to take with me and as it involved lots of talks. It required a lot of concentration and I was never left bored with lots of time to think about food. I even somehow managed to resist the doughnut's and biscuits. The talk on well-being in afternoon was really interesting and had some great tips which will share soon with you all and it especially helped with the 3pm slump and the doughnuts being offered again. I was good and stuck to my cereal bars.

I hope this can be the start of something and keep myself focused again and I have managed to do enough to stop myself gaining on the scales on Friday. I’m also looking at joining my local leisure centre as well, one of my friends has started going and suggested it and to make it better they have an offer until end of month. My only concern is my back obviously but it includes 3 PT sessions and exercise is supposed to be good providing you do the right ones. So popping in later today to discuss it and who knows! I just need to work out whether going to go before work (not a morning person) or in evening (sleepy girl). I in particular want to get back to doing Couch to 5k and maybe some swimming/aqua aerobics.

I’ll keep you posted. Fingers crossed for staying on track.

#50lbsin50 Week 8

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Can you believe that we are on week 8 already? I feel like time is flying so quickly at the moment. It seems week 7 was one of those weeks again, we had quite a few gains and then some good losses as well. I hope we all manage to get refocused and start heading towards our goal.

How did you get on with the challenge? I’ve been using my fitbit to monitor my water and it seems to be about the only thing that I have managed quite well this week. I’ve managed 3 litres most days. Has it helped any of you with your weight losses this week do you think?

With this in mind I feel Challenge 8 is perfect for those of us who weren't quite so successful on the scales.


Whether this means getting your tracker back out, menu planning, weighing things out, making sure you have your 5 a day, drink more water or start exercising again. Whatever it is that’s going to get you motivated and out of those bad habits that we seem to have slipped back into.

Remember sharing is caring, whether its snapping what your eating and how your managing to get back on it this week, but share it with us all using #50lbsin50 

#50lbsin50 week 6 & 7

Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Apologies I wasn’t feeling well last week so never got round to posting a round up, it seemed it was a week of quite a few gains for a lot of us. Hopefully we can get this off before Christmas gains start coming along.

This week I'm still not great, off work with bad back, neck and shoulders and doctors given me some meds that are making me drowsy and i cant drive unfortunately until end of the course of tablets boo!

We also lost a few of non-weighers that have now been taken off the spreadsheet as they haven't weighed in for 5 weeks. please can people try and remember to let me and Paul (fat4now/Paul_f4n) know your weight loss/gain or if you are going to be having a holiday week for any reason.

Just in case you have missed this weeks and last weeks challenge's here they are for you.



Let me know how you get on or have got on with these challenges.

#50lbsin50 week five

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

So Week Five is here, I’m a little late to the party this week, but important part is that i put the new challenge up for the week.

Last week seemed to be a week of more gains than losses but that’s ok, we all have these kind of weeks, important part is how we react to it. So lets draw our lines and get back on it again and hopefully we can have some good losses. Of course remember that you can pay a charity fine of £1 for every 1lb gained. 50lbs in 50 Charity Fines

I’m one of the guilty parties as well when it comes to putting on weight, I’ve decided to move my weigh in day to Friday to help with this. I do a lot of eating out at the moment at the weekends so hoping having most of week to recover will help.

Last weeks challenge showed some interesting results, was good to see what you were all eating, gave me some more ideas for meals. I hope it did the same for rest of you.

The challenge for this week requires a bit of creativity


Whether its quotes, success stories, people, food, whatever it is that gets you motivated and inspired to keep going on this journey. Make A reminder for yourself all in one place. I have a big piece of card I got from the Range which going to use, but you can of course cheat and do it online. I’d love to see what you all create!

Good luck for this week and please remember to update me and Paul @fat4now/paul_f4n with your results.

#50lbsin50 week 4

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Can you believe we are beginning week four already? Its so good to see so many of us refocusing and supporting each other on this journey. Sadly we have had a few people drop out but there is still 100 of us going strong currently.

Week Three challenge got an interesting response, it was nice to see that I wasn’t the only one who struggles to leave food on my plate but don't know about the rest of you but made me very conscious of what I was eating.

With 13 weeks until Christmas its especially important to focus on what we are eating and now is the time to start thinking about our mini goals we set last week and where you want to be by then. Maybe its an outfit you want to wear, a dress size you want to be in or even a weight loss goal. Choice is yours.

But one thing that we need to get that goal is to eat right. So with that in mind here is challenge for week 4.


That doesn't mean you actually have to share your food with someone lol, it means share it on social media. Whether you take a picture and put on instagram or you just tweet what you eat, blog it or facebook it. Either way its about sharing your ideas and having someone else keep you accountable.

I find on the days that I take pictures and share what am eating I eat much better after all who wants to share that they binged? Hopefully you'll also find something new for you to try after all we need a bit of variety in our eating.

Good luck for this week and here's to more losses in time for Christmas!

#50lbsin50 Week 3

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Welcome to week three of #50lbsin50!

For many of you last week was your week one and we had some great losses. It does seem though that we are also getting towards end of holiday season as getting last few summer holiday gains. Thanks to all that have donated so far. Please remember this is an optional charity fine but all for a good cause and you can give £1 for a lb gained at 50lbs in 50 Just Giving Page

Last week's challenge was to set goals and rewards and I loved seeing everyone's ideas. I think it's important to reward yourself with something other than food.

This weeks challenge is slightly different.

. IMG_20150915_074633

Now if your anything like me then this is something I struggle with. When we were younger you were always told to clear your plate to have pudding.

But often when you are full up you keep eating and this isn't a good thing. Maybe its just damn too yummy. Easiest way of course to stop this is too not put it on your plate too begin with. Hopefully this will help us realise what size portion we actually eat rather than want.

Of course if you are already ok doing this what tips do you have for us?