my own worst enemy

Saturday, 20 December 2014

By some miracle this week when I weighed in on Tuesday evening I managed to actually lose 1.5lbs. This has brought me to 11.5lbs loss in total and only 2.5lbs until my first stone which I was really hoping to get before Xmas. I know its a lot to do in one week but at my weight it is totally doable by having a really good week on track. I mean if I can lose 1.5lbs by eating all my dailies, weeklies and activities and more then 2.5 is doable.

But of course the sabotager in me decided that I was going to self sabotage myself by eating really badly, and being off track for the last 3 days. It’s totally stupid I know but its typical me behaviour. I’ve now decided though to be more realistic and just aim to have a loss come Tuesday, if I do by some miracle get 2.5 off then great. If not then it can wait until after Xmas.

My focus needs to be on myself, on eating better, making sensible choices, and not letting my emotions get the better of me. So today I drew my line, I’ve planned my meals for the day, and have some points spare for some treats this evening as well.

I also decided to give myself a little bit of care on outside too by having a facial and massage on Thursday evening, another massage Friday afternoon and then had a manicure and pedicure today ready for Xmas. I’m hoping by making myself feel better on outside it will help with making myself better on inside.

I love my nails, I went for a burgundy colour with some glitter on top in gelex so should last through the xmas period as well which is even better.


Tomorrow I am all about getting ready to move, taking some of my stuff over, then Monday the furniture is going, eeeep so exciting I cannot wait. I am so looking forward to doing everything for myself. Food shopping, cooking, meal planning, all the things that I find difficult by being at home and living with my family. I cant wait to be back in control again.

The Fit bit Flex

Friday, 5 December 2014

A lot of people have been asking Do I? or Don’t I? When it comes to the fit bit flex. Especially now its been reduced down in price in the pre Christmas sales.

I personally love my fit bit flex.

I love that its on my wrist, can be worn at all times and therefore I’m unlikely to lose it which usually happens with pedometers. It’s a great motivator to get you moving more and has so many other parts to it.

It measures your steps, your active minutes, converts it into calories burned and then you can link with a variety of different apps such as my fitness pal but more importantly for me you can link it to your weightwatchers account and it measure's it into activity points.

Of course there are some downfalls such as stationary exercise such as cycling is not measured but you can manually input this by putting in how long you did, how far you travelled and it then works out the calories/points. You can also do it during exercise, for example if you go for a planned walk/run/hike you can track the exercise and it is more likely to register correct movement because of it.

You sync it to your phone app which you can download via Bluetooth, its important you sync it before your battery runs out otherwise you can lose that days steps. This has happened to me a couple of times but the fit bit can be charged via usb cable. I tend to do mine overnight, only downside is I cannot measure my sleep for that night.

Which is another good thing about fit bit in general you can measure your sleep, how long, if restless and when you are awake and then set a silent alarm to wake you up.

You can make friends with others that have a fit bit and then set challenges and see how you measure up on a weekly step count.

Another downside of the flex is that the strap colour fades fast as you wear it at all times including in shower, and mine also broke. But the support team at fit bit were brilliant and sent me a new one in post and I have heard of lots of people having good customer service from their support team.

The app is pretty straight forward to use. You have the main dashboard which shows an overview of everything then if you click on each measurement it shows you the weeks worth for each day and a graph of when your steps/minute's occurred throughout the day.

You can keep track of your weight loss and water consumption as well and this also is graphed. Here are some screen shots from various parts of the app.

Screenshot_2014-11-30-15-46-13   Screenshot_2014-11-30-15-43-12 Screenshot_2014-11-30-15-48-45 Screenshot_2014-11-30-15-48-14  Screenshot_2014-11-30-15-48-20  Screenshot_2014-11-30-15-49-49 Screenshot_2014-11-30-15-49-07 Screenshot_2014-11-30-15-49-33  Screenshot_2014-11-30-15-47-08  Screenshot_2014-11-30-15-47-48  Screenshot_2014-11-30-15-50-07 Screenshot_2014-11-30-15-46-20

Do you have a fit bit? If so what do you love about it? What do you not like about it?

If anyone has any questions then feel free to ask them.

Weekly Weigh in & WW approach in 2015

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Eeeeeeeeeek its the first weigh in of December and this month is going to be crazy for me in terms of eating out. I’m really not looking forward to the effect might have on my weight loss but its only one time of the year and its about making the right decisions and choices.

I have a work meal on Friday evening, then another work meal on Tuesday next week before weigh in that evening and then one that Wednesday evening as well. So effectively 3 in 5 days over 2 weigh in’s eeep. I am thinking about going to Monday evening weigh in instead.

But there are some things that are going to be important to keep me on track and reduce the impact it is likely to have.

  • Drink more water
  • Eat 5 fruit and veg a day
  • Have zero point soup on hand
  • Drink soft drinks
  • Save my weekly points
  • Eat filling and healthy foods

Not much, and not sure how much effect it will have but think will help reduce the likelihood of a gain during this period. I really want to meet the goal of being a stone lighter by Christmas.

The new approach to weightwatchers can help with this. Its along same lines of filling and healthy or propoints. But now meals will include if gluten free, higher carbs, Mediterranean, lower carb or vegetarian.

They also describe something called intermittent, now if you followed weightwatchers before its along same lines as wendie plan or 5:2 plan for those of you who haven't, if not the general basis is that you have two days within your daily allowance and then spread your weekly points over the other 5 days.

The new approach is now available in meetings to all current and new members, and will be online from approximately the 9th of December. The new book is quite nice, very colourful, and comes with mix and match meal ideas. I’m excited to try some of the recipes in the book and my new recipe book I picked up on offer as well.

How are you going to cope with the holiday period?

Goodbye November Hello Christmas

Sunday, 30 November 2014

It’s almost CHRISTMAS can you believe it? It is crazy how quick this year has flown by. I remember this time last year I had just handed in my notice at my old job and was getting ready for some time off over Christmas.

This month feels like its gone so fast for me. I’ve been busy at work, seems everyone is getting poorly around this time of year and then when come home from work been so tired just wanted to chill out.

I’ve been doing shopping, buying nice dresses, new coat and new scarf. When I brought my new coat it was a little tight and now it fits nicely, so that's a good NSV for me. I also now fit back into my jeans again so enjoying wearing them with warm jumpers and nice tops.

I have also been to Bournemouth to visit my bestie, we went and saw old harry rocks and walked all the way to Swanage and ended up being lost and tired and got a taxi back to the car. Looking at my fitbit it turned out we had walked 7 miles. I certainly felt it for the next few days.

I’ve enjoyed spending some time with the little monster as well, which it turns out is a good thing as need to make the most of it as I have no found somewhere else to live and will be moving out of home after Christmas into a flat share. I’m pretty excited. It means being able to cook my own meals, and its round the corner from work and there is a Sunday weightwatchers meeting near me as well.

I have a few goals for the month of December and build up to Xmas.

  • I would like to have lost 1st in time for Xmas as this will be my 5%, my first stone and put me into the next stone bracket. So all exciting times at once.
  • I want to get more active, this just generally means moving more, take stairs instead of lift, park car a bit further away, try and get out and do stuff over the weekend. I also have an exercise bike which I am trying out for review purposes as well so should help.
  • Make sensible choices when eating out, I have 3 Christmas meals to go to and that's just the start of it, think likely to have a couple more as well to be planned which is a bit crazy. Two of them are set menus which I chose two courses, having turkey roast at both and then sorbet for one and meringue for the other. Both quite light desserts. I am also driving which means no drinking. The last meal is a Chinese buffet though so could be a bit dangerous. eeep.

Most of the month though I think is going to be spent having major sort outs and packing up ready for the move. I’m excited for 2015 and what it is going to bring and what I am going to achieve. I feel like I'm ending the year in a good place and its a great feeling.

Here is what I have been up to this month in pictures.

IMG_20141120_175746  IMG_20141120_183251IMG_20141123_071810  IMG_20141123_124430IMG_20141125_201752  IMG_20141126_202054IMG_20141130_093143  IMG_20141130_101206IMG_20141130_143401  IMG_20141130_143438

♥ Harvester for Nan’s Birthday ♥ first time at Giraffe ♥ Costa Gingerbread Latte in Christmas Cup ♥ Rewatching Castle ♥ Christmas Candles ♥ Camera fun with monster ♥ Holding hands in car ♥ Old Harry Rocks in Bournemouth ♥

Recipe: Banana Muffins

Sunday, 16 November 2014


Yet again it is the weekend and we have some left over bananas. I've struggled to find something that is reasonable in propoints and yet still yummy. So I went on weightwatchers website and typed in Banana and looked at variety of recipes available and this one caught my eye.

Muffins are a great snack or part of a breakfast and not too sweet that you end up craving loads more, and quite filling. So thought these would be perfect for that mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack time with a cup of tea or coffee.


75g Flora lighter than light (or equivalent)

1tsp Bicarbonate of Soda

1 egg

1tsp Baking Powder

80g Truvia (or equivalent)

210g Plain White Flour

Small amount of milk if required.


Set oven to gas mark 4.  Bake for 20 minutes. Makes 12.  3 Propoints Each

Mix the banana, sugar, egg and butter, then in separate bowl mix baking powder, flour and bicarbonate of soda. Then mix the two together. If can use an electric whisk this does give a better finish.

Depending upon the thickness of the mixture you may require to mix in a small amount of milk to get correct consistency.

This is my finished product.



WEEKLY WEIGH IN: Return to meetings

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Eeeeek I noticed its been a while since I have posted, time is just going so quickly at the moment its crazy.

Last week I decided to go back to weightwatchers meetings with my friend as she started a few weeks before that. I’ve been a bit sceptical about going to an evening meeting but I felt its better than not going at all.

This was my first “proper” week, after last weeks meeting of making a small change I decided to try and drink more water and its been a success.


Its my biggest loss since my first week back on track. Its also got me very determined for the week ahead especially as I have eaten all my propoints this week and enjoyed every one of them. I even ate the activity ones that I earnt on my fitbit now its synced. I have been taking the stairs at work, parking further away in car park and at visits and just generally trying to move more.

This week I am going to focus on moving more again, I really need to force myself to go back to the gym as well. The weekend is quiet for me as not got anything planned so its a good time to try and get gym sessions in. I also want to try experiment with various recipes as same foods can get a bit boring at times.

These are what I have been eating this week

IMG_20141106_071537 IMG_20141108_083052IMG_20141108_130228 IMG_20141108_181624

Heres to another good week. I’ll keep drinking more water, what about you?

Recipe: Mocha Sponge Cake

Saturday, 25 October 2014

This weekend just gone once again found me wondering what to do with myself once I had finished going shopping, taking my clothes to charity shop, tidied my room and caught up on new series of Castle. I once again turned to my weightwatchers recipes, this time from an old magazine, and decided to bake a cake. I was going to make the meringues in the new months magazines but had no baking paper so decided upon adapting a victoria sponge cake instead.
The basis is that of a sponge cake, but I added some coffee and substituted some of the flour for cocoa powder for flavouring, then spread choc shot through the middle instead of jam. Delicious. Well other than the fact that I over mixed it and it went a bit flat. #fail.


130g of flora lighter than light
130g caster sugar
3 eggs beaten
115g self raising flour
25g cocoa powder
1/2tsp baking powder.
25g choc shot to spread through middle.


Using calorie controlled spray grease the inside of two baking tins. preheat oven to gas mark 4/180/160 fan oven.

Place the butter and caster sugar in a bowl and using electric whisk mix together until creamy.

Add the beaten eggs slowly whisking in between.

Sieve in the flour, cocoa powder and baking powder before folding into the mixture with a spoon. try not to over fold as want to keep air in the mixture.

Divide between the two tins and bake for 25-30 minutes until springy to touch. Leave in tray for a few minutes to set before moving onto a wire rack to cool. Spread the choc shot to make a smooth layer between the two cakes.

Serves 12. Only 3 #propoints a slice.

IMG_20141018_175828 IMG_20141018_202720