returning to what you know

Saturday, 19 April 2014

After Sundays post last week and a lot of thinking on my part I decided enough was enough, even if i keep making mistakes and slipping up I still need to attempt to move forward. So Monday evening after work I made the decision to return to weightwatchers meetings.

I was very nervous when I went in as it had been a while, I didn't know anything about the meeting or who went but felt that I needed to do this. I had brought my monthly pass in advance so I could skip over that awkwardness and filled in my new card and then queued up to meet my new leader.

Now the meeting was fairly quiet so only a few people in front of me which was nice, and my leader introduced herself to me and congratulated me on making the first step. I then discussed with her how I had previously done weightwatchers online and we decided to go with my starting weight on there. Yes i had only lost 3lb but its still 3lbs that were gone she said which was very reassuring.

I then had a quick browse of the shop and picked up the new magazine and was supposed to get a new eating out guide but forgot oops. must remember next week. I then sat down for the talk, about half dozen people had stayed which was nice, wasn't too many but enough to be able to chat. The talk was very light-hearted people were talking about Easter and their plans and how they were going to overcome the temptation and involved lots of joking around which helped me feel more at ease.

I then stayed to go through the talk with my leader, now she wanted  me to do simple start and I looked at it but for me its not something I felt that really suits my lifestyle or how me and my family eat. I am lactose intolerant which also reduces some of choices available to me and I’m not most creative of people either when comes to food. But the one thing simple start does teach you is about what foods are healthy to eat and which are treats and should be in moderation. This includes some foods you probably wouldn't even think about having like mayonnaise.

But even still I chose to stick to #propoints counting and started the week off well but will admit went a bit off wagon over last few days but will pull myself back together. Mondays weigh in this week has been cancelled as its in a religious building so cannot be available for us to use so gives me longer to get focused and lose more weight as I want to be able to go back to my meeting with a loss.

I am also off to my friends for a few days from Monday until Wednesday so I know that will help a lot as she is good at keeping me on track and making good healthy meals, then its back to work Thursday and Friday before weekend again. Its my brothers birthday start of may so next weekend will be all about finding a present which is going to be fun.

I have also been giving some serious thought into having PT sessions again at the gym at least until can get myself going regularly again without need of encouragement or motivation. Once I am there I enjoy working out and the feeling afterwards its just getting myself there. Though right now I have hurt my knee so wont be doing much of anything.

What's your plans for Easter and how are you going to tackle the temptation?

I’m only human

Sunday, 13 April 2014

I’ve been spending the morning listening to the London Marathon on TV and tracking my amazing friend Elle as she runs it today and it has got me thinking. She has done so amazing with her weight loss and then to be running a marathon today its just like wow.

But its got me thinking about where I am heading and what I am doing with my health and fitness. I have no plan of action at the moment, no eating plan I follow, and no way of motivating myself to keep on going. Its a horrid thought really but I just don't know what to do with myself.

Do I go with weightwatchers, try slimming world, myfitnesspal and count calories, or do I just do what I am doing now and try and make healthier choices? I just don't know what to do for the best really.

I know doing it alone online doesn't seem to work for me but then I don't know whether going to a meeting will either. My problem is my sweet tooth really, but its finding a good way to keep control of it. I am also lactose intolerant so need to make sure I don't have foods with Dairy in.

I’m just fed up with being unhappy with myself, the way I look, the way I feel, the way I think, everything but I don't know how to bring myself back. I know I am the only one who can do it but its far easier said than done, saying just do it doesn't work. But how do I move myself forward, which route do I take, and how do I get motivated?

I have a gym membership, but do not use it as its always busy at times I can go, eg after work, but then I don't like early mornings and going before work but wonder if this may be the option I am going to have to take. I signed up for a 10k race in may but have done nowhere near enough training and will most probably end up not doing it now as last thing I want to do is injure myself trying. But it seems the pressure of something like that doesn't motivate me, if anything it makes me rebel more and become less motivated.

I’m just in self-destructive mode and have no idea how to get out.

Red, amber, green.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


So did anyone else watch the program dispatches last night about low fat products? I have to say it was quite interesting, although I knew about the higher sugar in low fat products it was good to find out about what “low fat” and “reduced fat” involves and how misleading this term can be.

The program involved a lot of comparisons of products that you would automatically expect to be high in fat and sugar and then were compared to products that were claimed to be “low fat” or “reduced fat” and these turned out to actually be higher in fat. Crazy.

They also talk about the traffic light system that is now on foods to help the consumer understand better what they are eating. But often it will show what they feel will best sell the product. So if its low fat they show the fat, but wont show the sugar which is usually what has increased in order to make allowance for the decrease in fat. I would recommend watching it if you can, its not too long a program either and is quite interesting.


So my week so far has been a bit hit and miss, I started off well, then over weekend went off track when I had a Chinese Saturday and then big roast dinner with pudding on Sunday. I have been trying to bring it back for the last few days and I start off well but when it comes round to evening I am tired and my power to resist my sweet tooth waivers. But I need to bring it back.

The other thing I am very guilty of is making lunch for work, I have to admit I hardly ever make lunch and usually end up buying something which is both a waste of my money and often my calories. Its just laziness and I need to get more creative with making lunch so I can save me some pennies and some calories.

As for the gym I had a lazy weekend as was shattered on Sunday, then Monday and Today I have had late finishes at work so last thing I have wanted to is go to the gym. But tomorrow is a normal day so gym bag is packed and so are my headphones so I am all ready for the gym after work. 

How are you all getting on so far this week?

put my name at the top of your list

Saturday, 5 April 2014


This week has been a successful week for me, I bet you all went into shock then, but yes you read right. I have had a good week so far. I stepped on the scales on Thursday morning and realised that my making healthy choices had worked and I lost 1.5lbs. I was soooo pleased I was expecting a gain and just looking to see what my starting point would be for myfitnesspal.

Yes I have turned my back on weightwatchers again but I haven't been following the plan at all and it seemed a waste to keep paying for it when it wasn't being used. I've lost interest in it and never really had much success with it ever since switched to propoints. I feel its a good decision for me at the moment. Using myfitnesspal is keeping me accountable for healthy choices I am making so that i don't start eating too much again.

Today is day three and doing well so far, Thursday I even went to gym after work, I'm not gonna lie I didn't do loads but I did something and that's what counts. Its not due to time its due to unfitness, i am so unfit that i struggled to do what i did. But every time I go then i am going to get more fit again. I even took a post gym selfie to prove that I went.


This week I am going to focus on:

  • Eating healthily
  • drinking more fluids
  • moving more
What are your goals for this week?


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Today I went on an all day training course and one of the parts of the course was about mindfulness and how it could help you be a calmer person and manage parts of your mind that would improve your work and yourself as a person. This involves placing your full attention on what you choose to rather than what is happening around you. Mindfulness involves focusing on what your body says and your breathing and how the two in tune can result in a calmer mind and less reactive interactions and behaviors.

Why is mindfulness helpful you ask?

  • calms your mind
  • gives you a chance to take a break from yourself
  •  focus your attention
  • be more positive and optimistic
  • reduce anxiety and stress
  • improve your health and well-being
  • make life more enjoyable
  • tune into what you think and feel now
  • have more choice and control about how you behave
  • feel more comfortable with change

There are some simple tasks that can help with mindfulness such as taking 2 minutes to focus on your breathing and nothing else. To feel how the air comes in and travels through your body and calm your mind. 

Others involve taking 5 minutes to drink your tea slowly without rushing, taking 5 minutes to walk in nature and focus on sounds and smells around you, and mindful eating. This was one that felt was key to me, this involves taking small bites, taking in the smell, taste and texture and will help your body digest it better. 

The other is connections, to focus on those in your life who support you to do such basic things whether in work or life. 

  • someone to laugh with, who helps me take myself lightly
  • someone who can tell me the truth when it is unpalatable or i am defending myself
  • someone to remind me how competent i am when i forget
  • someone i can learn from and respect
  • someone who just makes me feel good about myself
  • someone who gives me precise feedback that i can work with
  • someone who knows what it is like to do this role
  • someone who challenges me and wakes me up
  • someone who i can let my hair down with
  • someone who is concerned for my stress levels and/or health
  • someone who role models what i aspire to

These are important people who can help you to avoid becoming stressed and give you a more calm mind. There is so much research out there about mindfulness and lots of resources which i am going to explore. 

Does anyone practice mindfulness?

March Review and Aprils Goals

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April is here can you believe it? It feels like this year is just flying past us. I wish I could say March was a god month for me but in all honesty it wasn't. I haven't stepped on the scales since my last weigh in and I definitely haven't been tracking any of that time. To make things worse I haven't been back to the gym either.

I'm just so tired all the time at the moment, I just seem to want to sleep. There are some downsides to doing a 9-5 job as last thing i want to do after work is go to a busy gym and fight for gym equipment. Urgh. But I know i need to get myself sorted and get on with it after all I have a 10k to run in 7 weeks time. EEEPPP

The bit I am struggling with is motivation with my eating, I have no creativity when it comes to meal planning and find myself bored with my lunches and therefore end up buying something. Any suggestions for lunches to take to work?

I'm thinking going to try and do weightwatchers filling and healthy to encourage myself to eat healthier foods and make more of an effort when it comes to meals. One of my work colleagues made a good comment today, she said the only person who can do this is you and you don't want to reach 30 and look back and wish you had lost the weight. Its son true and has made me realise I need to do something. I never wanted to reach 25 and wish I had done more.

So my focus for April is going to be on eating healthier and moving more.

I am also wondering whether I would be better off getting up earlier in the mornings and doing a work out then. Its not ideal but if I have to wake up for early work day then I manage it so makes me think I could probably do it other days as well.

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Also support is too!! I've been fairly quiet on twitter lately but need to start making more use of it as a support tool. So here is to more tweeting and more blogging and lots of progress.