Guest Post: Tilly at Forever Living

Monday, 20 October 2014


Today got a special post for you all, its from my bestie Tilly who has become a distributor for forever living who have a great range of products which are all natural and range from weight loss help, supplements, to make up and medicines such as heat gel for pain relief. I’ve always been a bit sceptical about these sort of things especially anything to do with weight loss but after talking to Tilly & seeing some of the great results people have had I decide to try some of their other products.

I have sampled the heat solution which is great for pain relief like I said and because its all natural you can also take alongside tablets if you want such as ibuprofen which you cant do with over counter options.

I am also trying out the aloe vera gel as I have IBS as its great for digestive health & Tilly’s mum has had great results with it for her IBS. I’ll be sure to update you on how I get on as only started it on Sunday.

But for now I am going to hand you over to Tilly who will give you more information about Forever living and tell you her story in particular her success with the 9 Day Cleanse.



Hi everyone! I am Sarah's best friend Tilly (my actual name is Chantal but most people call me Tilly). I am sure you are wondering why I am here on Sarah's blog.... On the 21st September I became a distributor for Forever Living and I am here to tell you a little bit about it all and my story.

In case you don't know who Forever Living are they operates in over 150 countries and in 2012 there were over 9 million Distributors and had over $2.8 billion in retail sales worldwide. So what do Forever do and offer? Well many of us have heard of Aloe Vera and it’s potential as a "miracle plant" with many outstanding properties. It is an ingredient in many daily products and used by thousands. Forever Living has taken this amazing botanical to the next level by owning patents for its unique Aloe Vera stabilisation process and its beehive products collection systems.

They offer a whole suite of products for the whole family, which can enhance various aspects of daily health and well-being. From Aloe Vera drinking gels, supplements, skincare and personal care products

Now onto my story... at the start of September I decided to buy and do the Forever Living 9 Day Cleanse. I had been thinking about doing it for awhile and had done quite a bit of research before hand. I am not a big dieter if I am honest, I did weight watchers about 10 years ago and did quite well on it but since then have just kind of monitored my own eating and weight. Don't get me wrong I am not skinny but neither am I massively overweight, I currently am a comfortable size 14. I really enjoyed (yes I did say enjoy) doing the 9 day cleanse, surprisingly I managed to handle the whole thing okay, I learnt to tolerate the Aloe Vera Gel and most importantly I lost 9lbs, 8 inches (all over my body) and have reduced my portion size After the great success I had doing the cleanse and talking to close family and friends (included Sarah) I decided to join Forever. I just feel that if I can do the cleanse anyone can and it really does work!!

Before & After 9 Day Cleanse

          Facebook-20141019-121810  Facebook-20141019-121821

Since joining a few weeks ago I have been trying to get my head around all of the products - there are quite a few as I mentioned above. I am really enjoying trialling the products myself and hearing how they have helped other people, take my mum for example since taking the Aloe Vera gel she has been able to stop taking her IBS medication- how amazing! Here are some of the other benefits of aloe vera gel, this is also the product Sarah is now trialling for her IBS too.


I really hope this blog has provided you with an introduction into the Forever Living world and I hope to see you all over on my business page. If you would like to find out more about all of the products I also have an online shop and am always on hand to help so go have a look and let me know what you think.


Thanks Tilly for that post, if any of it has caught your interest then please do have a look at Tilly’s page or online shop. There are constantly new products coming out and its quite interesting to see the new ones available.

I usually wouldn’t consider doing any kind of cleanse/shake type of thing but I have seen Tilly’s great results, and its all natural so much healthier, and she looks soooooo much better and healthier now after it. If your someone who wants a kick start to a healthy lifestyle it definitely is a great option.

Sunday summary

Sunday, 19 October 2014

The days are going so quick at the moment that I forgot to update you on Friday with my weekly weigh in or round up so doing a Sunday edition instead.

Last week was a bit of a mixed week for me, I started off really well and spread my weekly #propoints out a bit being very controlled over the weekend. Then on Thursday I had a bit of a blergh moment and decided to eat my weight in sugary foods. It of course was the night before weigh in stupidly. Lucky for me I had sneak peaked that morning before the craziness happened so I decided to use that weight instead so could focus on the positives in the week rather than negatives.


I was much more planned this week, obviously had my baking adventures at the weekend which I managed to navigate my way through by making weightwatchers friendly cakes. Then I sat my family down and we planned our meals for the week, so I knew roughly how many #propoints to save for my main meal.

I cut down on my caramel lattes instead having it as a treat once a week and living off cups of teas and cans of zero fizzy which Tesco have on offer at the moment. I’ve also been really good and taking lunches with me to work, though Asda ready made salads is kind of cheating ha.

Now all I need to do is work on exercise. Doh.

Here's a few of things I have been eating this week.

IMG_20141010_075257 IMG_20141012_143550IMG_20141012_164049 IMG_20141012_173153IMG_20141012_190903 IMG_20141013_075356IMG_20141013_144327 IMG_20141013_175211IMG_20141014_173015 IMG_20141014_195401IMG_20141015_075838 IMG_20141017_201238


Apple & Raspberry CrumbleBanana BreadCitrus Sponge Cake
Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie

Recipe: Apple and Raspberry crumble

Saturday, 18 October 2014

This is another of the delightful deserts that was made last weekend with my family. We had some apples that had softened left and what a better thing to do then make a crumble instead of them going to waste.

To give it a bit extra flavour we added raspberries and to lower the #propoints used sweetener for the crumble topping. Its simple to make and very yummy and can be eaten hot or cold with your choice of topping. Cant go wrong with a good crumble.


330g self raising flour

180g flora lighter than light

50g canderal sweetener

8-10 small apples

300g frozen raspberries.

serves 9. only 5 #propoints


Peel and chop the apples into chunks, place in some lemon juice to stop going soft and horrible. Cover and cook in microwave for approximately 5 minutes until slightly softened.

Then place raspberries in a bowl and put in microwave for 2 minutes to allow to defrost, drain excess fluid. Mix together the apple and raspberries and layer into your ovenproof dish.

In a bowl mix together the self raising flour and sweetener, then add the butter and crumble into small pieces using your fingers. You may want to add extra sweetener if you prefer it to be sweeter but I myself found it was fine as raspberries and apple is quite sweet anyway.

Place in oven and cook for approximately 30 minutes on gas mark 5 or 190’c until the top is a nice golden brown.

Allow to stand for 5 minutes before serving with your choice of topping. For me I went with a Chocolate soya yogurt as I love raspberries with chocolate.

Here’s the one that we made before it was cooked. I decided to have a 12th of it as ours was higher propoints due to the dairy free butter instead and then served it with chocolate soya yogurt. #nomnomnom

IMG_20141012_163907 IMG_20141012_190903

Recipe: citrus sponge cake

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

So if you follow me on Instagram or twitter you would have seen all the cooking/baking I did over the weekend with my family. This seemed to be quite a popular one and I got asked a lot for recipe so thought I’d best share this one with you all first.

This is actually from the weightwatchers website itself, I found it by reading one of their articles on 6 great cakes for under 6 #propoints. Add that its a lemon cake I knew we had to try it in my house as everyone loves lemon cake. The version we usually make however is 8 #propoints a slice. So when saw this one was 3 #propoints only it had to be tried. Its so yummy and gone down so well in my household, we will be definitely making it again.

So you can get a copy of it from weightwatchers here or I have listed the recipe for you here below.


Calorie controlled cooking spray.

3 medium eggs

75g caster sugar

1 medium lemon, finely grated zest and juice kept separate

1 medium lime, finely grated zest and juice kept separate.

75g plain white flour

1 pinch salt

25g icing sugar.

Serves 8. Only 3 #propoints per slice.


Preheat oven to gas mark 5/190’c, spray 8 inch tin with the calorie controlled spray, or use a silicone one if your like me.

In a large bowl whisk the eggs, sugar and half the lemon/lime zest using an electric mixer until its fluffy and airy, takes approximately 5 minutes. Then gently fold in the flour, try to fold it as little as possible as the more air the better.

Pour the mixture into the tin and put in oven to bake for approximately 10-12 minutes.

Its important that the mixture goes into a preheated oven and that when whisking the mixture its as thick and foamy as possible as this is where the air for the depth of cake comes from.

Whilst cooking place the lemon and lime juices into a small saucepan with the remaining zest, add the icing sugar and heat until dissolved.

Then bring to the boil and remove from the heat and slowly spoon over the top of the cake whilst the cake is still warm. Allow to cool in the tin before removing to serve.

Here's the one I made, we decided to use a loaf tin as only silicone one we have.

 IMG_20141012_143342   IMG_20141012_152249IMG_20141012_164049

Recipe: Cajun Chicken Pasta Bake

Sunday, 12 October 2014


This is becoming by far one of my favourite meals for in this colder weather. I happened to come across its yumminess by accident by experimentation but I think I have now found a winner.

Cajun Chicken Pasta Bake


1 sachet of Colman's season and shake Cajun chicken flavour (yes I cheat)

2 tins of chopped tomatoes

carrot, courgette, pepper, onion, any zero propoint veg you like.

chicken breast raw 400g

wholewheat pasta dry 120g

cheese for on top 75g to be grated – I used lactofree mature cheddar


Using frylight spray your wok, cook off the chicken with 1/2 the sachet of flavouring.

Then add all your veg chopped into small pieces and the tinned tomatoes with the other 1/2 of the sachet, mix together and allow to cook for approximately 5 minutes. You want the veg to soften slightly but finish off in the oven.

Then place the pasta mix into an ovenproof dish and top with the grated cheese. Allow to cook for approximately 20-30 minutes on gas mark 5 depending on how crispy you like the top to be.

Serves 4.
8 #propoints per person.

Alternatively it could serve 6 for 6 #propoints with a side salad or for lunch. Or if hungry appetite then serve 3 for 11 #propoints. That's what we chose to do but I couldn't finish all mine.

This is 11 #propoints worth and underneath is what I left and even then I was way too full up for my liking. But it tasted so yummy. doh.

I prefer more chicken to pasta for the protein but you could mix around the ratios for both to get more pasta if you would prefer. Both full amounts are 11 #propoints worth so as long as it evens out your be fine for calculations.

I’d love to know what you think and if you give it a try!

feeling good feeling focused

Saturday, 11 October 2014

It’s amazing how great I feel after a week back on track and refocused with weightwatchers. I’m enjoying food again and I feel better for it. Yesterday was my first weigh in back on weightwatchers and I had a great loss.


It’s a good number, and its got me refocused for the following week to come. I am even being sensible with my decisions with my sweet tooth and my weekly #propoints. I am planning ahead and its great feeling. I hope it lasts. Here are a few of the things I have been eating this week.

IMG_20140923_193432 IMG_20140924_123053IMG_20141003_073357 IMG_20141007_104057IMG_20141007_171243 IMG_20141008_182742IMG_20141010_075257

Some of my favourites were homemade stew, cottage pie, and Cajun chicken pasta bake. I will be sharing the recipes for these soon as well for you all to try as I love winter comfort foods and these are definitely some of my favourites.

In a blink of the eye

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Its crazy that whilst I am writing this we are now in October. Its like I blinked and September was gone. In fact it kind of feels a bit like that for this year.

September has been bit of a whirlwind month for me. Or feels that way anyway. I started the month off staying at my Aunt & Uncles house to house sit and cat sit. Then I was back home for 4 days before going off on my holiday to Bulgaria for a week.

I then should have spent the weekend recovering from our late night flight, but instead I decided that would be a good idea to have a massive clear-out of my stuff in my bedroom. So a black sack of rubbish and 2 bags for charity shop later my room is now more sorted and de-cluttered.

The following week was then a bit of an emotional week as was the pre-inquest for my nans inquest into her death. Looks like its going to be January time now before it happens, 20 months later. But a lot came out in the pre-inquest and its definitely going to be a difficult time for my family.

The last 4-5 days have not been great as I am full of a cold, not the best way to end September or to start October but hopefully a few days rest and I shall be back to normal and ready to go.


During the month of October I am probably going to have a slightly different approach to things after having read the Happiness Project whilst on holiday its giving me a lot to think about my life and how I want to move forward. I know big changes are not going to happen overnight you have to start with the small steps and they may only seem like insignificant things and may not even be related to health & fitness but I am beginning to learn that other factors of life are just as important.

Here are a few of things I am going to be focusing on this month

  • Relationships – friends & family are important part of our lives and one of keys to making us happy so its important to improve these relationships and to make new ones.
  • Health – this is general health not in terms of eating well, or exercising but more in terms of improving my health & getting things sorted out. Most importantly being dairy free as it appears that is having a great impact upon my bodies ability to fight off illness/infections.
  • Healthy Lifestyle – Eating better and moving more. I have rejoined weightwatchers online after signing up via quidco, I’d recommend checking it out if your going to join. I also put my fitbit back on and trying to focus on moving more and I really really need to go back to then gym. Or stop my membership.
  • Me Time – That means doing more for me, taking more time to make sure have proper sleep, take time out for a bath and things I enjoy such as painting my nails, going for my massage.


You would have noticed I imagine that none of these involve goals and that's because one thing I am learning is I don't react well to them. I generally tend to just rebel and lose focus.

I know I haven't been greatest fat fighter or blogger lately, or well ever, but its my journey and everyone’s journey is different and will have their own battles to fight and the important thing is to keep on fighting and to not give up.