under the weather

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


apologies for delay in updating you all but if you follow me on Twitter you will know i have been poorly for almost 2 weeks now. What started off as cold/flu then turned into some kind of bug and symptoms of acid reflux. The doctor over the easter weekend gave me lots to try and nothing worked so on Tuesday I went back to my own doctor who is sending me for a scan as he thinks it may be my gallbladder and gave me some antibiotics which seem to be helping. 

Being poorly has meant ive lost my appetite and struggled to eat past the nausea, but i am happy to say that my appetite is returning. The poor appetite does mean that I have lost quite a bit of weight so now just need to make sure that I don't regain it all. 

Lets hope I manage to get better, doctor has signed me off for up to 3 weeks but i will go crazy if still poorly then. 

Quick update

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Its been a crazy few weeks for me, I havent felt well lately and its made it difficult to stay focused. I'm hoping that as weather gets nicer I will stop getting so poorly. Last week did result in a loss of 1.5lbs. But I am afraid to say that I gained 0.5lb this week, I did expect it as had a big family chiinese on friday, it was an all you can eat. So yummy, and worth the small gain. 

I've found that my clothes are fitting better, so trying to focus on that instead of the scales. I'm still not 100% today so am going to try and take it easy and one day at a time. That means eating well, staying focused, moving more and most importantly having me time. So resting, sleeping and reading. 



Saturday, 28 February 2015


Today is the start of something new for me. Yesterday I went into my local leisure centre and rejoined. I had planned on getting just a gym membership but it worked out cheaper due to offer/staff discount to go for an all inclusive membership at least for first two months. So that's what I did, and gives me the chance to have 3 1-1 sessions with a trainer and create a personalised plan.

So this morning I woke up early, and decided it was a good time to take myself off to the gym for my first session. Finally. It was hard work, only managed 45 mins, was tired/achey afterwards but I did it. Things can only get better from here though. I loved the after feeling though, because although I am ridiculously unfit, I still did something. My main focus for now is to improve my fitness so that I can start the couch to 5k properly. I tried it this morning, but got too out of breath and caused me to have a stitch. ooops.

Its an addictive feeling and I am already planning on going again tomorrow morning, but I’m also aware need to make sure don't go in too much too fast as my poor joints just aren't used to it. I’m thinking 3-4 times a week should be enough for me. The hardest part is over, going back the first time, and it was fine, and I feel ok about doing it again.

On a slightly different note, I went to weigh in on Tuesday, and lost 0.5lb to finally get my  first stone YAY and 5% award. Was so pleased!! I of course was hoping for a better loss than that, but I got the important bit, my stone award. I really hope this next one doesn't take anywhere near as long.

I am slightly nervous about this week though, because although I am being good and within my propoints I have my first training session at then gym on Tuesday morning and then a massage planned after work in the evening before weigh in. I’m slightly worried at how my muscles are going to react to the double abuse. eeeeek. Wish me luck!

this week....

Sunday, 22 February 2015


This week for me feels like it has dragged so much, mostly because I haven't been feeling all that great both health wise (cold) and emotionally have been struggling too. Being busy at work has helped but in the evenings I haven't really wanted to do much of anything. It probably hasn't helped that I haven't been sleeping very well and unintentionally ended up within lots of lateish nights. Well for me anyway.

I did though on Monday go and see Fifty Shades of Grey and I know there is a lot of mixed views on it, some people love it, some aren't sure, some hate it and some are against it all together. Personally I prefer the books as feel the story comes across so much better in them. In the books its easier to focus on the love story going on whereas the film you focus on the sex scenes. Then boat is still out on it for me.

Tuesday was of course weigh in day, I have to admit I almost bailed on it, I felt really rough and did nothing but graze all day on rubbishy foods but it was what I was craving. But I realised that after missing it last week that 2 would soon end up being 3 then 3 would be 4 and before you know it back to square one. I didn't want that and it turned out I had still managed to lose 0.5lb anyway. So just imagine what would have been if hadn't. Hopefully the loss will show up this week.

I’m still really struggling with then exercise side of things, I just cant motivate myself to do any at all. I really want to, and I know plus sides, and feel ready to do it but then just doesn't happen. I'm still finding excuses. I know they are just that excuses, but I cant seem to move past them. I think more than anything I’m afraid, I know how unfit I am and how much will struggle at the start, along with constant pain in my back its easy to see why I put it off.

I’ve been thinking about doing an after work “couch to 5k” course that's starting in March as a good way to get me started but I don't want to be the unfittest or slowest one there. I don't like working out at home either, or in general getting ready to work out as I know my family look at me like who are you kidding? Its my own fault as never stuck with anything in the past but that's the past need to focus on the now. I worry too much about what others think. I need to find some way to move past it and start moving more. Because eventually my weight loss is going to slow down even more and it will need something to boost it.

How do you motivate yourself? Any tips?

Sunday summary

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Its Sunday already, the weekend is almost over and  i a extremely jealous of all the people that are off next week as its half term. I haven't felt that great this week, full of a cold and general mehness. You may have also noticed that there was no weekly weigh in this week, I didn't feel great Tuesday, really wanted to go home sick from work but didn't. But I did let myself graze all day on things i wanted rather than have proper meals as found small and often was best. I then went home to bed and gave weigh in a miss.

I don't normally like to as weigh in for me draws a line each week and you start a new one. as a result Wednesday I ended up having a really bad day and this led to me using all my weekly propoints in one day. what's worst is I actually didn't each that much just all high pointed stuff.

Since then I have been refocused and on track, though yesterday I did go over slightly as had some popcorn with my movie session with my nephew and a kebab for dinner. But when I sneak peaked on scales this morning, the scales were still where I wanted them to be. So its made me excited to stay on plan and get my stone and 5% award on Tuesday.

The rest of this week has pretty much consisted of the same, lots of being stuck in traffic on way home, chilling out in evenings and generally feeling sorry for myself.

Yesterday I spent the day with my nephew who is then love of my life, took him out to funfair and beach and then hand lunch out. We then watched movies in afternoon and then relaxing evening. Today is going to be another chilling out day for me, though have tidied my room a bit, but I haven't been sleeping very well so hoping to have a power nap. As I'm writing this the screen on my laptop  is blurry as I'm so tired.

Tomorrow is back to reality i.e work, however am off in evening to see 50 shades of grey, going with my weigh in friend as a way to keep us distracted the night before. Hopefully I'll start to feel better soon as this cold is driving me mad.

Wants your plans for this week?

Dechox 2015

Sunday, 8 February 2015


British Heart Foundation are doing a sponsored Dechox for the month of March, this means giving up Chocolate for the whole month. I decided that this was a brilliant idea and something I was going to do but for the month of February as well.

Chocolate for me is something I love but really shouldn't be eating as I am of course lactose intolerant. So this has a double advantage for me as its a good start to giving chocolate up almost completely.

I’m a week in so far and have to say its a struggle, it seems banning something from your diet makes you crave it even more. I’m missing having my cereal bars, hot chocolates and choc shot on crumpets but coping with other alternatives to get me through.

I feel in general its a good thing, I’m finding alternatives and its making me realise some of these swaps are ones I can keep going in the future to reduce the amount I am having.

You can keep up with my progress and of course if you feel like it sponsor me via just giving badge on the side bar or here.

Or you can text SRWL89 £ (and the amount)  to 70070.


Is anyone else doing it?

Goodbye January Hello February

Saturday, 7 February 2015


Can you actually believe we are in February already? It feels like I blinked and January was gone. It was a good month overall for me though and I feel like I have started to make some progress towards my goals and improving my life.

  • I made three new friends
  • I had regular weekly massages
  • I paid off my credit card bill completely!!
  • It was my birthday.
  • I went for a pamper morning
  • I went for afternoon tea.
  • I made time for my friends.
  • I have lost weight!!
  • I went to cinema
  • I started reading on my kindle in the evenings
  • I read my daily quote for inspiration from Katie Pipers book (more on this soon)

Its only small achievements and small steps but they are all in right direction and for me its great progress. I have been in such a rut the last few years that I haven't really felt like I've made much effort to get out of and I need to or I'll be stuck being unhappy.

So with this in mind I have some things I want to focus on in February.

Moving more and staying on track – I feel so much more positive when I do and then am more willing to try new things and keep progressing so these two are key for me and right now I am so focused I love it.

What's your plans for February? Its a short month, so best get working on them quickly!