#50lbsin50 week five

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

So Week Five is here, I’m a little late to the party this week, but important part is that i put the new challenge up for the week.

Last week seemed to be a week of more gains than losses but that’s ok, we all have these kind of weeks, important part is how we react to it. So lets draw our lines and get back on it again and hopefully we can have some good losses. Of course remember that you can pay a charity fine of £1 for every 1lb gained. 50lbs in 50 Charity Fines

I’m one of the guilty parties as well when it comes to putting on weight, I’ve decided to move my weigh in day to Friday to help with this. I do a lot of eating out at the moment at the weekends so hoping having most of week to recover will help.

Last weeks challenge showed some interesting results, was good to see what you were all eating, gave me some more ideas for meals. I hope it did the same for rest of you.

The challenge for this week requires a bit of creativity


Whether its quotes, success stories, people, food, whatever it is that gets you motivated and inspired to keep going on this journey. Make A reminder for yourself all in one place. I have a big piece of card I got from the Range which going to use, but you can of course cheat and do it online. I’d love to see what you all create!

Good luck for this week and please remember to update me and Paul @fat4now/paul_f4n with your results.

#50lbsin50 week 4

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Can you believe we are beginning week four already? Its so good to see so many of us refocusing and supporting each other on this journey. Sadly we have had a few people drop out but there is still 100 of us going strong currently.

Week Three challenge got an interesting response, it was nice to see that I wasn’t the only one who struggles to leave food on my plate but don't know about the rest of you but made me very conscious of what I was eating.

With 13 weeks until Christmas its especially important to focus on what we are eating and now is the time to start thinking about our mini goals we set last week and where you want to be by then. Maybe its an outfit you want to wear, a dress size you want to be in or even a weight loss goal. Choice is yours.

But one thing that we need to get that goal is to eat right. So with that in mind here is challenge for week 4.


That doesn't mean you actually have to share your food with someone lol, it means share it on social media. Whether you take a picture and put on instagram or you just tweet what you eat, blog it or facebook it. Either way its about sharing your ideas and having someone else keep you accountable.

I find on the days that I take pictures and share what am eating I eat much better after all who wants to share that they binged? Hopefully you'll also find something new for you to try after all we need a bit of variety in our eating.

Good luck for this week and here's to more losses in time for Christmas!

#50lbsin50 Week 3

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Welcome to week three of #50lbsin50!

For many of you last week was your week one and we had some great losses. It does seem though that we are also getting towards end of holiday season as getting last few summer holiday gains. Thanks to all that have donated so far. Please remember this is an optional charity fine but all for a good cause and you can give £1 for a lb gained at 50lbs in 50 Just Giving Page

Last week's challenge was to set goals and rewards and I loved seeing everyone's ideas. I think it's important to reward yourself with something other than food.

This weeks challenge is slightly different.

. IMG_20150915_074633

Now if your anything like me then this is something I struggle with. When we were younger you were always told to clear your plate to have pudding.

But often when you are full up you keep eating and this isn't a good thing. Maybe its just damn too yummy. Easiest way of course to stop this is too not put it on your plate too begin with. Hopefully this will help us realise what size portion we actually eat rather than want.

Of course if you are already ok doing this what tips do you have for us?

#50lbsin50 week two

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Welcome to Week 2 of 50lbs in 50 weeks. For many of you its effectively Week One as last week was your starting weight. Either way you have taken the plunge and that's the important step.

We had a mixed week for many, with some excellent losses, some in middle, some STS and a few gains. Either way we have all drawn the line and are focusing on moving forward. When posting this weeks losses please remember to tag myself (@sarahwithlove22) and Paul who is now helping me with managing the weight loss spreadsheet. He can be found at @fat4now on Twitter or paul_f4n on Instagram. Please go say hello he doesn't bite!

I also set up the Just Giving page for those of you who wish to make penalty donations for weight gains. I chose the charity HOOP (Helping overcome obesity problems), the aim is to help remove stigma related to obesity and give children and adults struggling with obesity access to the services which are right for them.

Last weeks challenge was to create a starting profile for yourself. I loved seeing everyone's profiles who took part, and if you look at then #50lbsin50 on either twitter or Instagram or both you will get the chance to get to know your fellow participants.

So now its time for Challenge Two:


It’s important to break down your big goal into little ones and when they are achieved reward yourself for it. The choice is yours as to what and when but its important to have something to aim for. Is there something you have been wanting? What will make you motivated to do well? Remember to share using #50lbsin50

Good luck for this week and lets hope we have some good losses!

welcome to #50lbsin50 weeks

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


It’s the 1st of September that means the challenge begins.

The aim is to lose 50lbs in 50 weeks. That takes us from 1st September to final weigh in being week of 9th August 2016 depending upon what day you weigh in. So lucky you to those Monday weighers as you get extra few days!

Rules are as follows:

- Every week you must send me your weekly weight loss. if you are on social media and post it via that then please use #50lbsin50 and I will pick it up on your weigh in day.

- I will set weekly challenges, these are optional.

- If you go on holiday and will miss a weigh in then please let me know the dates in advance.

- If you miss 5 consecutive weeks then you will be removed, if you wish to withdraw before then please let us know. No judgement here we just don't want to pester.

- If you gain weight after week one then you have to give to charity £1 for every 1lb gained. This is optional and I will be setting up a just giving page for it. The charity is to be decided, please give suggestions below.

A full list of those participating in the challenge can be found here. This spread sheet will also show everyone's weekly weight loss and total weight loss to date. It is currently listed in weigh in day order and will be colour coded shortly to break up weigh in days. Going through from Tuesday-Monday.

If you have any questions then don't hesitate to contact me.

Now to the exciting bit.

The challenge for week one is: Drum roll please!!!


What I mean by this is your starting weight, your goal for the challenge, what you hope to achieve by the end of the challenge, your measurements (these will be important for plateaus), your starting BMI, plan you are following and any other relevant information.

What of this you choose to share is up to you. But this profile is for yourself so you have a starting point. Of course if you do share any of your profile then use #50lbsin50 so fellow contestants can find out more about you.

Good luck for week one cant wait to see the results. If any of you wish to use week one as your starting weight after the bank holiday weekend then let me know and ill put a 0 for this weeks loss.

Thank you for joining.

50 lbs in 50 challenge

Saturday, 29 August 2015


This week I decided enough was enough and that I needed to start taking my weight loss seriously. Last week I re-joined weightwatchers meetings and now this week I’m setting myself a challenge.


I want to lose 50lbs in 50 weeks. That's 1lb a week. To me that’s totally reasonable, allows for the fact that some weeks we have good weeks and some weeks we have bad weeks.

I tweeted to see if anyone would be interested in the challenge and was happy with the results. There's quite a few of us interested in this and I cant wait for us all to get involved and support each other through the journey.

I am going to set up weekly challenges, these are aimed at creating a healthier lifestyle and helping us along our journeys. These are voluntary and you do not have to do them but small changes are what will help us get to goal. It may be some weeks you participate and some weeks you don't the choice is yours.

I will post the weekly updates on a Tuesday, each week will give an overview of total loss for week for us as a group and update spread sheet with everyone's losses so you can see how you are doing in your challenges to date. So if all weight losses could be too me by Monday night that would be great. You can message me on twitter, instagram, Facebook and use hash tag #50lbsin50 or email me at thefatgirlfighting@gmail.com

If like myself you are a Tuesday weigher then your weight loss on that Tuesday will class as the next weeks results. If you are due to weigh in on the 1st of September (start date) then its your choice as to whether or not that counts as your first weeks loss or you opt for STS this first week.  As its been bank holiday the same applies for everyone’s first weeks weigh in.

I have had a few responses from people who do not have 50lbs to lose and that's okay too, the challenge when at goal is to then maintain your weight loss and continue to receive support and help along the way.

You can either view the weekly update on my here or receive a weekly email newsletter by contacting me with your email address the choice is yours.

If you have any questions then feel free to get in contact otherwise well done for joining the challenge and lets get ready for the challenge to begin!

don’t be so hard on yourself

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Last week me and my friend decided to return to WeightWatchers meetings. It was good to go back and have the influence of a group and a leader. However for me this was a tough week have done a lot of travelling this month and that means eating on the go especially as was lazy about making lunches. Combine this with a busy weekend for some friends birthday, which I made a cake for myself which was yummy if i do say so myself. I of course tried a bit of mix to make sure, and then ate some cake to celebrate and some more because it was there and I was hungry.

I have to admit was annoyed with myself but been trying to remind myself to not be so hard on myself. I suddenly have a busy social life for first time in ages and its nice to make new friends who want to do things with you. So just taking it in my stride at the moment and trying to be as focused as possible whilst enjoying myself.

But by some miracle I managed to actually lose some weight this week.


Not much but its something so will take it. Every 1/2lb adds up. Hoping that as September is a quieter month for me I will be able to get back on it and lose weight for Christmas.


I’m aiming for 1lb a week myself. What about you?