weekly weigh in–12 to go

Friday, 20 June 2014

Its Friday, that time of the week where i step on the dreaded scales. They were definitely dreaded after my binge at the beginning of the week but a few perfect days back on track and I managed to lose 0.8lbs YAY. Its not great but its something and a step in the right direction.

I have 12 more weigh in’s left until Holiday, fingers crossed for some better weeks so that my holiday clothes fit in time. I am ashamed to say i still haven't done any exercise, well unless taking the stairs at work counts ha.

I’m hoping to try and so some more with my nephew this weekend and this should mean moving more but motivation for the gym is like zero and not having much luck with PT sessions either. Though in this hot weather the last thing anyone wants to do is go to the gym ha.

But for now i am enjoying eating healthy, staying within my points allowance and eating lots ha.

86 Days: recovering

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The last few days haven't been great for me, I have been recovering from a blip I let myself slide into and that in turn resulted in a binge, the first in a while, which is even more frustrating. But I have got myself back on track the last few days and feel like my head is slowly sorting itself out as well.

One of the things I am trying to do in order to help myself feel better is to look after myself more, I have started a routine of cleansing and moisturising my face morning and night and taking my make up off at end of day. Its only something simple but its a step in right direction as its something I had stopped doing.

The other thing is to wear make up everyday for work, I don't always wear it on weekend, that usually depends on what am doing, but I feel much better when I have it on. I have even been adding a splash of colour in terms of lipstick which has been a nice change. Here is just two examples, of course ignore the rest of me ha.

IMG_20140613_085008   IMG_20140612_092253

I have also been making most of sunshine where possible and enjoying ice lollies galore from the list in the weightwatchers magazine. Twisters are my favourite at the moment, a full sized is only two #propoints and mini twister is one #propoint. So i have stocked up in the freezer but I seem to be sharing them with a certain little monster.


My view at lunch twice this week. Love it.


I also have still be rather lazy and not gone to gym yet, my review got cancelled and I need to phone and rebook it but just haven't got around to it yet, I’ll probably pop in again when get 5 minutes between visits as its easier when my calendar is with me. So that means I haven't been able to open the little beauty below yet.

    2014-06-10 18.15.08

Although there seems to be something in the water in my house as everyone is in a bad mood this week or grumpy, including the little monster, but he is here for weekend again so that means lots of Dec/Auntie Sarah time so opportunities for more moments like these.


Fingers crossed for weigh in on Friday, hopefully have done enough to undo the damage from my binge, if not well I know what I did wrong, why it happened, and its time to move forward.

91 days: weekly weigh in

Friday, 13 June 2014

Yup its that time of the week again, weigh in day, I’m very pleased to announce that yet again i have lost some weight, 1.8lbs down whoop. It just shows that dropping those three propoints a week actually worked for me. I’ve really enjoyed being on track this week, its involved lots of salads for lunch, and BBQ’s for dinner and fruit for pudding. Summertime always has best kind of foods #nomnomnom 

I used most of my weekly propoints on eating out last week whilst at my besties, but this week I don't have much planned in terms of eating out so i am going to try and experiment a little with my weekly propoints. Starting with today and eating some skittles which i was good and weighed out so could point them, and then might have some more tomorrow just because I can ha. Or maybe some dairy free ice cream. hmmm. or chocolate.

Lots of options as you can see especially as i discovered recently the delights of Waitrose and the extent of their free from foods. They do granola breakfasts on the go, chocolate, cakes, and chocolate shots which can be used for milkshakes/hot chocolates or as sauce. I cant wait to try it out at 12 calories a tsp.

Now i have the food side of things under control i need to make a start on the exercise and the first step is my gym review on Monday morning. 7.30am nice and early eeep but it was that or wait two weeks and i didn't want to wait that long! I’m going to try come up with some kind of plan and look into personal training sessions with the instructor as well.

I’m hoping to try and move some more over the weekend by going for walks, cycles or swimming, lots of options but depends on how I feel and how hot it is!

I was going to overload you with some pictures from what I have eaten this week but if you follow me on Instagram you would have already seen them. But I will show you the present I got myself for a reward once I have gone back to the gym.

2014-06-10 18.15.08

You can see what’s inside once I can have it! hahaha

96 Days: summertime

Sunday, 8 June 2014

It’s official our holiday is booked, we are off to Bulgaria in September whoop for a week, I cannot wait! I love going away on holiday, just a week of sunshine and bliss. Talking about sunshine how nice has the weather been this weekend?

Me and my bestie went for our spa session this morning as i mentioned yesterday, best back massage and facial I have ever had, then went off to have some pub lunch and sit enjoying the sunshine.

But tomorrow is back to reality which means work for me booooo. At least by going back to work this goes means back to reality and a routine for myself. I’m working locally which means I can come home for lunch so no prep tonight for me, but after this weekend and realising how unfit i actually am i want to try and encourage myself to go back to the gym. I know i said about personal trainer and i am still looking into it but if i can encourage myself to go now had bit of a reality check then that money could be spent on a regular back massage or even possibly coaching which have been discussing with weight loss bitch.

Its hard to know really which route is best for me other than that i need to try and get some form of routine and look after myself. I know exercise is the best way forward for me, that's why i still am considering personal trainers until i know i can do it on my own. It may be i could even possibly do both it depends of course on my spending habits haha.

What do you find are your best tools? How do you motivate yourself?

97 days: weekly weigh in

Saturday, 7 June 2014


so yesterday morning was weigh in day for me, and if you follow me on twitter you will know i only lost 0.5lb despite being on track and within my propoints and i was not happy about it. so last night i had a bit of a screw it moment and decided to eat what i wanted. That consisted of chocolate, Doritos, biscuits and flying saucers. I tracked it all though and its come out of my weeklies as i know deep down that I need to keep on it and it will all balance itself out.

Its just hard to not become disheartened is all, but i know its just a blip and going backwards wont help me out at all. So my aim is to stay refocused and on track and hope it shows on the scales next week instead.

I’m off to my besties this afternoon as we are going out for dinner and cinema tonight and then booked in for a spa day tomorrow so going to try do some laps in the pool and just relax. Dinner is going to be Chiquitos so I'll probably use most of my weekly propoints on that but i don’t mind as be worth it. After all its what they are for.

One change i have made this week though is to drop 3 propoints a day, i decided to do this because i gained the weight very quickly so my propoints increased quickly as well and i wonder if maybe id be better off dropping them for a few weeks until i am back down to the amount i was on before. I’m going to give it a try anyway and see how get on and decide what to do for week after.

I’m off to enjoy the sunshine before my drive to besties

100 Day Countdown

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Its 100 days unofficially until I go on holiday with my bestie. I say unofficially because we haven't booked it yet, but have decided where we are going, when we are going, booked time off work, we are just trying to decide between two hotels. So hopefully by end of week we shall have it all booked.

But its very exciting to know its almost booked as its something for me to look forward too. I have known roughly when its going to be for a while now and my focus has been on losing weight for my holiday but having it “Official” will make it more real and hopefully make me more motivated.

I am doing well so far, two weeks on track and lost 2.5lbs in total, and stayed on track so far this week and hopefully weigh in on Friday will show a loss again for me. Now as we are going to be flying Friday evening this means that I will get an extra weigh in before we go so that's 15 weigh in’s before I go, so fingers crossed for a good loss. Ideally I'd like to get 2st off but I also know I have stuff going on in build up to holiday so am just aiming for as much as possible and not setting myself any form of target in terms of numbers.

Only thing I want is to be able to fit into last years summer clothes. It just so happens that when I looked back at what my weight was that time last year its about 2st to lose so fingers crossed for me please.

The one thing I have realised is that I need to find some way to get myself motivated to go to the gym, now I have been thinking that PT sessions may be way forward. I have obviously had them before and I did enjoy them at the time, and my new gym I go to does PT sessions as either 30 min slots of 1hr slots. I was thinking 2 lots of 30 mins a week might be more beneficial as that way its got me to gym, done some form of workout and i can always stay for a bit longer and do some on my own. Whereas an hour is probably going to be a bit much to start with and its only once a week.

Now I'm not sure how long I will choose to do this as can be quite expensive but at least until i am more motivated and going to gym regularly on my own. So that's my challenge for myself for this week to look into PT sessions and get it sorted out for myself.

back on track

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Yes you read it right, I am pleased to announce that I am back on track woop. Two weeks in a row now that I have managed to lose weight, last week was 1lb and this week I lost 1.5lbs bringing me to a total of 3.5lbs so far. Its not amazing but its good and progress in the right direction.

Last week I started off well and finished well and had a few iffy days in between as have been poorly this week with a water infection so on antibiotics from the Doctor which is always helpful not. Hopefully though by Monday should all be back to normal and I can focus on the week ahead.

This week (starts Friday for me) has been okay so far, had a good day at work, took lunch with me and everything, but then came home to realise that nephew had made flapjacks and they were just too good to refuse. Especially when at dinner time my brother phones and needs me to take my mum to sort his car out for him. I ended up just grabbing a bit of flapjack for journey and shooting out the door then eating my dinner when I got back.

But if that's not an ideal time for your weekly propoints then I don't really know what is. I’ve also taken to wearing my fitbit flex again to try and encourage myself to move more and get my steps back up. Unfortunately when I switched to my new job back in January i ended up moving from one where i was on my feet all day to one where i am sat down most of the day whether be in car, on a visit or in office.

Days out with my nephew at weekends always helps the cause and that's something I did today, we went to Staunton Farm & Country Park, which is in Havant, Hampshire and luckily for us my mum has a Passport that allows us free access and parking for two adults and two children.

Here are just a few pictures from our day out

 IMG_20140531_094702 IMG_20140531_114426IMG_20140531_115329 IMG_20140531_115607IMG_20140531_115703   IMG_20140531_135637

Tonight were having a BBQ which is usually quite good propoints wise then tomorrow fingers crossed a roast dinner #nomnomnom followed by a trip to the beach which includes lots of walking. Then its back to packed lunches for work, I am thinking I may try and put together a list of lunch ideas I can take to work for me that will be quick and easy to make and stops me getting bored. I’d love any suggestions you have, I have no access to a microwave or anything and i’m often out in my car so needs to be able to eat it on the go.

Fingers crossed for another good week for me so can have another loss and get ready for holiday!